MOVEMENT: Is the symphonic saga – in four parts (RAINBOW, STEELHEAD, MUSKY, STRIPER) – of three Alaska fishing guides who road trip their way home in a 2003 Dodge Caravan (best known as ‘Van-a White’ and for its lack of a reverse gear) from AK to NYC. From an Alaskan paradise to a literal Gomorrah in four short weeks – arriving in Time Square on Halloween night – MOVEMENTS is a stunning 14-minute showcase of what North America has to offer in terms of its diverse beauty and angling opportunities, and an invitation to rediscover where and why we fell in love with fly fishing in the first place. In addition to helping produce this feature I also have credit as a videographer.

Film Edits

Kirsch Supply Company: A close friend of mine has recently started a clothing business sourcing high quality moleskin clothing directly to their consumers with transparent pricing. During two short visits I got him some quality pictures for his website along with a short edit made in less than two hours.

Save Bristol Bay: A world-class fishery [still] threatened by the wrong mine, proposed in the wrong place. The proposed pebble mine is the most controversial environmental issue that my generation has ever had to face. Not only does it have the potential to ruin the largest wild salmon run in the world, it also has the potential to affect my job and my favorite place on planet earth. I helped make this edit for the largest non-profits opposing the mine; and Trout unlimited. This quiet possibly the most important video I will ever direct, produce and shoot.

Accidental: This is the longest film I have directed, produced and shot. This is a view into a wild Alaskan lifestyle that a young group of fly fishing guides have found in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Young or old, life is just a series of accidents. This is a look into how their accidents have brought them together. Accidental has been shown around the web on popular fly fishing blogs such as Moldy Chum, Orvis News and Lemouching.

2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour

The traveling road show of the finest fishin’ films on the planet! Over the course of 3 1/2 months our crew jumped into the companies vehicles and traveled around the country to put on a series of independently produced films about fly fishing. The coolest part is that we fished along the entire way. We passed through 34 states, fished 16 rivers and put on 30 shows.